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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing mechanism or system that links a company or a vendor (creator of a product) to a tank-full of interested customers or buyers. As an affiliate marketer, you do not need to create any product or any e-commerce store, your responsibility is to simply introduce consumers to an available product ready for purchase, and you get a commission for each products sold through your affiliate link. Sounds interesting? It is, once you know how it is done, but before getting to that point, there are some important notes you need to understand,  which revolves around  knowing the right product to market and promote.

Carving A Niche

Now, there are billions of products floating around on the internet or on e-commerce stores specifically. These products are either tangible or intangible products, examples of tangible products are : home equipment and appliances, mobile devices, computing systems and hardware devices, clothing, health supplements,etc... while intangible products (also known as services) consists of : online training courses and webinars, online fitness/workout programs, and so on and so forth... are all available for consumption, and according to statista.com, in 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to purchase goods and services online, which is big step from the 1.66 billion global online buyers in 2016. Buying goods and services online is a common trend in our contemporary age, and as long as the internet exist, online marketing and e-commercial activities will continue to thrive, and as an affiliate marketer, you would continue to make huge commissions from these products if you apply the right method, and one of this method is finding the right niche for your affiliate marketing strategy.

Focus and Uniqueness in beginning your journey is a crucial step to consider, as you envision making thousands and millions of dollars from affiliate marketing (and believe me when i say, some people make millions annually from this, by sitting on their couch, with a laptop). Carving out a niche should rely heavily on your personal interest or passion, for example, if you are a fitness advocate and you are passionate about living a hygienic and fit lifestyle, you can decide to structure your affiliate business concerning fitness and health, or do you love fashion, business and finance, or photography, whatever your passion is, should be the line of motivation towards developing your enthusiasm for promoting and marketing online products that suits your flare, besides,you are going to get paid doing it, right? Then take a kick at it!

Quick tip, multitasking should not be an option for you, as a beginner, especially if you are trying to become an affiliate for a niche you don't understand properly. Indeed, the goal is to make money and to make passive income without stress, and without having to work for a temperamental boss, but like i said earlier you need to apply the right methods that you can get comfortable with, and you want to promote product that you can easily relate to. For example, you love fitness, or you love fashion, why then would you want to consider becoming an affiliate promoter for a software vendor or producer? When you know little or nothing about software operations, or software programming, does not make much sense yes? Even if you are looking for another avenue to make extra commissions, you want to do it within a subject you are familiar with, because affiliate marketing deals with some amount of product reviews, it is not enough to promote a particular product by placing ads on various social networks, you have to go in depth  into details about the product you are marketing and why you personally think it will be good and purposeful to your targeted audience, so that they can become interested in purchasing.

What you need to get Started

After defining your niche, there are three(3) steps to basically get started with affiliate marketing which are:

  • Joining Affiliates Programs/Platforms:
      There are a wide range of affiliate programs/platforms , most affiliate programs houses a great list of vendors and producers, from which you can promote products for and earn up to 100% commission on each products you sell,  feel free to carry out your own personal research on affiliate platforms you can join and start making sales,  but for the sake of this blog, I would be listing four(4) top effective affiliate platforms you can join for free to start marketing and earning. You don't need to pay anything to become members of these platforms , registration is totally free , once you register on this platforms, you can easily navigate through finding a product you want to promote,  especially if it falls under your niche , once you find that lucky  product you wish to market , a special affiliate link would be created for you,  which is your personal marketing link to utilize for your ad placement or email promotions(whichever way you choose to market).

Here are the Top(4) affiliate platform i highly recommend (Number 4 will intrigue you)

1. ClickBank.com

  ClickBank is one of the most popular affiliate networks out there!  It is free to register,  and they have thousands of vendors and sellers with varieties of products for you to sell according to each category. The only issue with ClickBank is that, temporarily it is not for all countries, especially countries in West-Africa and some part of Asia. But it is available to those in the United States and in Europe. So if you are from those countries , you are in luck! Start your registration process (which won't take 2mins) browse around products and make a choice of what you would be passionate in promoting,  and earn good amounts of commissions and Bonuses (as high as $500 daily).

2. ShareAsale.com

ShareAsale is another amazing affiliate marketing program that can earn you good amounts of commissions daily (around $100 daily). Just like ClickBank,  registration is free,  but after registering,  you have to wait for 3 working days to get approved (.. I am still awaiting my approval)  anyways,  I just recently discovered the platform during my affiliate market research,  but from reviews they have quite a great community of vendors and products that suits any category, and they've being around for a long time in the online sales market. Their affiliate commissions are also highly profitable.  Perhaps,  we would get to discuss more about shareAsale,  in another article (a review article) but I encourage you to carry out your own research and see if it something that can work for you.  ShareAsale is open to all countries.

3. Amazon Associates

Amazon which is a billion dollar e-commerce enterprise provides opportunity for people to make passive income, open to all countries. Amazon affiliate program is good for beginners and it is much easier to understand and even promote because of their prominence and forte in the online marketing industry. According to Feedvisor 2019, 89% of customers  agree that they love to buy products from Amazon than any other e-commerce store. Therefore , it is much easier to make commissions by becoming an affiliate,  because you don't really need to do much marketing,  the company is already an overachiever, so it's a no brainer!

But, affiliates commission are not too high as that of ClickBank or shareAsale, it actually takes some amount of effort to start earning high commissions on any amazon products sold,  but(again) it is a good place to start,  and another important advice is that,  those interested in becoming Amazon affiliate, and wish to make high commissions should be those whose niche pertains to computing and mobile devices , because those usually rank high in sales and have over 10% commission, (imagine getting 10% commission after selling an iPhone 11pro, or a MacBook Pro, sounds pretty cool )....unlike other categories which have just 4 or 5% commission tagged to them. To become an affiliate of Amazon,  just google search Amazon Associates.

4 . Jvzoo

Talking about saving the best for last,  Jvzoo is a great  platform, accessible to all countries,  and a great affiliate program that has a large community of vendors that pay their affiliate up to 100% commission for each sales made. They have a good list of categories that covers any niche, and they also provide free training courses for beginners  who are interested in creating a wealthy career through affiliate marketing. I highly recommend Jvzoo , because it has actually made millionaires out of so many youths who struggled with unemployment, and also most people who were sick of working jobs that were either insecure or non-profitable, with low incentives , don't take my word for it , check it out, and invest time in learning about them, their affiliate marketing tutorials are easy and comprehensive, and registration is completely free.

There is link to Jvzoo right below the bottom of this section, I recommend you click on it, carry out your personal survey, and register a new affiliate account to start earning profits. New affiliates or beginners who sign up gets special bonuses on top of their commissions, after making their first sale, including access to get approved for thousands of products for online promotions and marketing.

Joining affiliate programs or platforms are necessary to get affiliate links,  because without an affiliate link you cannot make online sales, and you can't be considered as an affiliate promoter. So this is an important step (sign up and get your affiliate links) . Affiliate marketing is not a door-to-door marketing system, neither is it a ponzi scheme , or an online networking mechanism,  it is an important category of internet marketing/sales management.

  • Creating a Landing Page 
A landing page is commonly referred to as a "microsite", but  typically a landing page can be a blog, an e-mail auto-responder tool or software,  or even a YouTube channel. It is a vital part of affiliate marketing,  because this is where you want to first take your audience or traffic for them to have sufficient knowledge about the product you are selling. Like I noted earlier,  affiliate marketing goes beyond just pasting ads alongside your affiliate links, on all social media networks,  first, that, can be flagged-off as spamming, (and vendors don't like approving affiliate links to spammers), that is why it is recommended to have a good landing page,  where you can drive traffic,  and with time and effort, this traffic can be converted to customers.

"Why a landing page? It makes the whole thing complicated".. . That is what I thought when I started out,  but in actual fact it is easy.  Now,  we are not talking about spending huge amounts of capital creating a website or a decorative blog,  far from that.  Your landing page can be gotten for free,  for instance; this blog powered by blogger serves as a landing page, if I want to review any product i plan on promoting to my audience , with this free blog i can relate easily with my them and get interested customers through my email newsletter (for those who would subscribe to my email listing).  I can further enlighten them (with a good review), on how a particular product can serve them better and how they can purchase it, through my affiliate link.  In addition to this blog,  i also have a wordpress blog, serving as a landing page for my fitness & Health product review and promotions, which can also be created for free, (although for wordpress, as time goes on,  It is better to upgrade and push in more audience ,which is cheaper than building a website), thus,  creating a landing page is no problem at all, but you should be able to create good and convincing content around the product you are marketing to your audience for them to become more interested in buying your affiliate  product.

Doing a review content on a product you are marketing is easy, because once you join affiliate programs, and get your affiliate links to market products,  enough information would be provided by the vendor of that product on the affiliate site, giving you details about the product ,  including what to say to your audience, and how well to convince them into making a purchase through your link, easy yes?  Indeed,  that is why affiliate marketing can be done in the comfort of your bedroom,  making you good income daily,  if and only if, you work smart towards applying the right procedures.

Most affiliate marketers prefer YouTube channels when making a product review , which is a good thing if you don't fancy writing long articles or words.  YouTube is a good option for a landing  platform to market your products and services, you just simply need to upload a video talking about the product you are marketing, if it's something you are familiar with,  or you have used before it puts you at an advantage, but if it is a product you are just getting to know about but it is peculiar to your niche, then equip yourself with the vendor's note on that product,  or you can go the extra mile of getting more testimonials from Quora,  or even from YouTube about those who have actually used the product to enable you backup your review.

Websites and Blogs are also great for marketing purposes, because it enables you gain access to an active email subscription which can be used as a point of contact between you and your customers to relate better about a product. Email listing is classic in terms of building an archive of customers interested in your business niche, your clients (or subscribers) can easily get updated about newly improved products and services,  they can also get your opinion about how to use the product efficiently, and how it can satisfy their expectations.

Your landing page is really important,  it presents  affiliate marketing as an engaging activity, especially when interacting with your audience/customers about buying a product.

  • Paid Advertising 
Paid Ads is really convenient for getting traffic through trusted traffic sources,  such as Pinterest and Facebook,  Pinterest is a good place to source traffic and audience, the platform currently have over 280 million users,  if not more. All you need to do is to set up a business account, simply google search business.pinterest.com , and register for free (do not set up a personal account). After setting up your business Pinterest account,  the option of creating ads will be available to you. Ads on Pinterest are cheap,  they are a bit  similar to facebook Ads in terms of the process, but still cheaper than facebook, with $1per day,  and 0.10cents per click, you can drive a good amount of traffic to your landing page in a week.

Facebook on the other hand, is also efficient in terms of driving traffic,  i  use facebook all the time to drive hundreds of traffic to my Instagram page,  with less than $19. That's the beauty of social media,  invest less to get more. But! you can't place ads for products on these social networks without a landing page,  that is why creating a landing page is very important in affiliate marketing and  products promos.

In summary,  becoming an affiliate marketer encourages  a good and easier mode of earning passive income , but it requires discipline and effort, honestly,  the only easy part of affiliate marketing is that, it can be done at home,  and you don't need any special skills or education to start,  you just need to be tired of being unemployed, or tired of working under people who don't respect your existence as a human being,  just because you are at their service. There are so many schemes out there on how to make money online (for nothing),  which end up being fraudulent or illegal.  Although, it may seem that affiliate marketing falls under such category,  but it is unique in such a way that you still go through legitimate  processes which every successful business mogul went through,  that is,  going through some of the efforts involved, as well as investing discipline and a bit of finance to expand your marketing campaign and yield practical results. Quick disclaimer ; any investment made in affiliating marketing is strictly personal (done yourself), no third parties involved .

No business is really that easy , but business is more productive when there is less stress involved and that is what affiliate marketing offers. If you are not ready to put in the grind and effort in making thousands of dollars annually from affiliate marketing by applying the right methods , than this article is obviously not for you , if you read it anyway,  nice,  maybe you can make up your mind on owning your own business . Being self-employed and being your own boss is true entrepreneurship.

Leave a comment below,  if there are any questions related to affiliate marketing tips and strategies.

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