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Sunday, April 12, 2020

5 Online Business Ideas to Start in 2020 (Stay at Home Jobs)

The year 2020 is still fresh and open for business ideas, therefore it is not too late for anyone to build an online career by trying out these trending entrepreneurial opportunities.

Stay at home jobs are becoming more prominent as a plausible solution for generating passive income. Most Entrepreneurs in this category make between 6 to 7 figures annually, and have become quite popular in their respective niches.

In this article, I am going to be sharing 5 reasonable online business ideas that are still viable in 2020, which anyone can immediately start at home. But before diving into the details, it is important for you to know some common factors why people easily give-up and fail when it comes to work at home jobs, so you can avoid encountering such issues.

The “work from home” niche is one of the most searched keyword on Google, and in recent times it has suffered a lot of abuse from some of its advocates, making it difficult for most people to adopt its methods as a legitimate form of business.

 One of the common abuse is the unnecessary hype that, stay at home job opportunities requires no investment and less effort to start making money or generating passive income, which abnormally increases people’s expectations, and at the end, when those expectations are not properly satisfied, bad reviews and scam reports go viral concerning home-based opportunities.

Although stay at home jobs are not capital intensive which makes it really attractive, but they do require effort and a small budget (where necessary) in order to achieve proper results.

Most people fall victim of Work from Home schemes because they are constantly being sold the idea that working from home is free and easy! a common marketing strategy used by some advocates to lure people into purchasing their products.

A quick tip: Don’t fall for the hype, working from home is similar to working a normal job, it requires you to work hard and smart, the only difference is that you are the boss, working freely without being pressured or hassled, and the only advantage is that, work from home jobs can be often done with a $0 budget, however, to progress and succeed in your journey it may become important to invest some capital on tools that might be helpful in growing your home-based business.

Now, let’s discuss some current online business ideas that are highly recommendable and profitable:

Starting an Online Business with Verbling

Verbling is simply a One-on-One social platform for teaching languages, most specifically English. For those not familiar with this online platform, it was Co-founded by Jack Jolis and Mikael Bernstein back in 2011, and it is still very relevant and active in the year 2020 with over a million language learners and over 500,000 teachers globally.

 According to Localize, through them, Verbling was able to launch its services with 7 different languages, using the Localize language automation system which increased user experience and provided fast localization and translation to their users. But Currently, Verbling is available in over 40 different languages, which makes it easier for anyone to join and teach. This opportunity is not limited to teachers alone; if you have some form of educational qualification or experience, and you are very fluent in the language you speak, or you intend to teach, then you can apply for free. You can earn up to $20 - $30 per hour, and per-student, so for example, if you have 100 students or more…Do the math, and there is no limit to the number of students a teacher can have on Verbling. To have your online classroom buzzing with thousands of students, your delivery and time are what counts in getting you such results.

You might be wondering; what does it take to have a good delivery, so I can have thousands of students to teach, and make more income? The solution is simple; like I said earlier stay at home jobs often require a small amount of budget in order to become more successful and unique. If you are considering taking up this opportunity, you must be willing to invest in getting a good desktop computer (mobile devices won’t give your students the best experience), a quality microphone for audibility (when having sessions with your students), and perhaps an affordable studio headset to filter distracting background noise or effects.

Creating Your Own Online Community in 2020

Indeed, this point seems orthodox, but it still remains one of the best online business ideas that never runs out of style. Building an online community filled with engagements is how small-scale businesses, freelancers, e-commerce vendors and bloggers generate income. Two keywords “Organic Traffic” and “Targeted Audience” are the ballpoints of anything regarding online networking.
But most people often misunderstand the purpose of building an online community, they think that one needs to be an expert entrepreneur or business owner, or even a blogger, to have an online community because it is generic to such niches, but again such kind of thinking is false and unhealthy.  

Back in 2014, when I started blogging, I personally didn’t think it was something meant for me, because I always wanted to work a white-collar job, sitting in an office and dealing with paper-work, I felt that was real work, right! But in my leisure, because I loved writing philosophical quotes and pieces by archaic Greek philosophers and their school of thoughts about existence on my Facebook profile, I noticed that it drew a lot of likes and engagements on my feed, and I got such comment like “Wonderful post, You should be a life-coach”, and so on and so forth…It made me realize that I could make a living off providing people with rich philosophical contents about life and self-development, by monetizing my organic engagements,  which I eventually did, through blogging and content writing, although at the time I was already  getting acquainted with SEOs, and freelancing jobs on Fiverr.

 80% of social media users only utilize 5% of what social platforms are actually created for. These sets of users view social media as an avenue for fun, or stalking their favorite celebrities and posting hateful comments, which might appear to be the reason why such platforms exist, but What if it’s something worth more than that? You don’t need to have a talent, or be an expert to have your own fan-base, you just need an audience to showcase what you are good at. You might be a game freak, good,  create a Facebook page or Twitter account dedicated to providing the latest news and trends in the gaming industry, or are you obsessed with movies and TV shows, even better, have your own online community of movie-lovers like yourself, engage them with the latest pop-culture trends and movie reviews, do you enjoy business news and everything about finance? Then create a LinkedIn Page, build connections and share your unique perspective on the economy and the free market. The goal is to sell yourself and be heard, once you do, you can stumble on important connections, and once people love engaging with your contents or posts, then it would be easy for you to sell them anything, how? Stay glued to this article and I am going to unveil the strategy.

Recently I stumbled on a YouTube channel that provides content about some controversial episodes on Cartoon Network that carried subliminal messages which children watch but are not old enough to observe. Personally, I thought this YouTube channel seemed pretty unserious and lazy, but when I checked the stats on some of the videos, some had views of over a million, accompanied by thousands of likes, and series of comments, that’s engagement! And the more engagement you get on YouTube the more your monetization increases.
You may be passionate about the NFL, the NBA, the Premier League, Fitness, Fashion, Food, etc., build a monetization page around those niches, by having an online audience of people who share such passion, you can decide to run a blog like this one, or create a YouTube channel or any platform that is suitable enough to serve your purpose, the only investment needed is your time and attention to stay updated with your community.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing can be known as the rudimental structure for all home-based job opportunities. The strategy mentioned earlier to sell people anything (of value) pertaining to your niche, relies heavily on creating a solid online community.

You can read my article on Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

The article thoroughly explains how anyone can generate income by registering with any of these notable Affiliate platforms such as JVzoo, ClickBank, ShareASale, Amazon Associates, Fiverr, Shopify, Digistore24, etc..

Registering on these affiliate networks is free and simple. In case you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it is simply a passive income strategy that involves earning commissions from already made products or services by e-commerce vendors. As an affiliate marketer, you are synonymous to an online advertiser, because the job requires you to link a potential customer to buy a particular product already created by someone else (The e-commerce vendor), so it relieves you of the stress of going through the process of production and shipping.

There a lot of articles and videos concerning affiliate marketing, but not all actually explain how it can be done the right way. Affiliate Marketing requires a lot of motivation and effort on your part to yield profiting results. It is very resourceful, but most times the strategy on how you want to sell depends on what I call your “Social Power”, that is why I emphasized on creating your own online community, especially for those passionate about business and entrepreneurship.

Starting a Webinar Business

Webinars are efficient tools for stay at home jobs. Webinars are credible and authentic in maximizing user experience, especially if you are a teacher or you have an online community, or you are an affiliate marketer. But if you do not want to get involved with any of the categories mentioned above, and you just want to start an online business that can make you money regardless, here is how a Webinar business can aid your financial goals.

First, the significant thing to note is that taking advantage of such stay at home opportunity like creating webinars depends on a whole lot on your personality and charisma. Ask yourself these questions: Are you generally regarded as a funny person, or you just think you are funny? Secondly, are you the shy type, not always wanting to be noticed or heard by anyone? Lastly, how do you rate your social and communication skills with people? Do you know how to talk properly and win over people’s attention? Are you convincing enough that people can easily engage and relate with whatever you are selling, or the value you are adding to their lives?

Providing the proper answers to these questions will enable you know if the Webinar business is for you or not, because, with a charming personality and good social skills, any individual can launch a successful webinar campaign, which will not only generate organic subscribers or followers for you, but would also invite companies and online marketers to willingly pay you, or sponsor you, just to advertise their products and services to your audience or community.

Fun-Fact: YouTubers, don’t make enough from YouTube itself, they make money from external brands and Co-operatives who decides to sponsor contents on their channels, that is where the real monetization comes in, how do I know? It is the same thing with owning an engaging blog or an engaging webinar session, or an engaging Facebook page.

Anybody with good social skills and charisma can start up a Webinar business, you just have to build your confidence and know how to solve some common problems people are opposed with, regarding real-life situations, relationships, fashion, or employment.
Starting a Webinar business requires some capital investment but it is affordable, not high-end, you can get a good webinarkit for as low as $30, and it often comes with simple and easy training on how to use it to your advantage as a beginner or an online expert.
For those who want to start their own Webinar business and start engaging and monetizing, I recommend you see this article on Webinarkit for Business Owners and Affiliate Marketers

Get Your Writings Published and Get Paid!

I reserved this idea for last because it is specific to  content writers and freelance writers. For individuals in these categories, I am going to be sharing with you a platform (totally free) that enables both upcoming writers and expert writers get their respective works published on top editorial blogs and magazines. This is not a poor attempt to sell or promote anything, but I have been following this content-based platform since January 2020, and it sends an updated call for submissions by prominent editorials and publishers to my e-mail weekly.

These call for submissions are well researched, and the editorials or blogs involved pay writers from $100 above (depending on the publisher’s required word count and submission guidelines, each editorial varies) and these requests are always fresh, and as a writer, you get to send your pitch directly to the editor in charge, rather than just the general editorial mailbox, which has a longer response time.

Freedom with Writing pioneered by Jacob Jans is a very lucrative platform for writers, you don’t have to pay anything, all you need is to subscribe for their newsletter and they would send you current requests for submission by renowned publishers. Extra Bonuses include downloadable e-books and manuscripts which teaches beginners and intermediate writers new tips on how to improve their writing skills, including strategic methods on how to get their articles published by editorials and get paid.

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